Shipping and Returns Policy PLEASE READ

Shipping times. We can not guarantee shipping times but we can give an estimate. To

Brisbane- allow a minimum of one week

Sydney and Melbourne allow a minimum of 3 days. 

Everywhere else in Australia. Allow a minimum of two weeks. 

If it’s for an event in the next two weeks please contact us first so priority is given and we can discuss the feasibility of the item arriving before the event date. 

Once again this is a rough guide. No guarantees on shipping times. We can not ship express unless the client is willing to pay extra. Email



Rates are calculated on size and weight. 

 Returns read, please! 

Returns are available 30 days after payment.  Must be notified ASAP or it will be assumed you used to an event then wanted to return it. Must not be used and packed back in original packing.  Buyers will have shipping paid for by LWD if the item is broken or considerably damage from transport and renders the item Not useable. By UNUSABLE we mean not from an aesthetic point of view, but practical i.e/ broken leg. The buyer bears no cost at all. We do not pay for returns for Scratches received in transport. You are still most welcome to return the item and receive a refund if you ship it to us. But buyers need to check ASAP after delivery. 

International Buyers.
We can’t refund shipping costs if you want to return your item.  Shipping can take up to 1-2 months.