Quality Guide of Materials- 4 Materials in Review.

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The price of our goods ranges from an inexpensive budget to good quality long-lasting items. For the most part, you get what you pay for with items, unless on sale. Therefore, you must take into consideration what kind of look you are going for. The price you pay will have an impact on the finish of the material and the perceived amount of ‘imperfections’ you see on the item.


Budget materials


Irons is a material used in most backdrops in the industry and heavy-duty items in everyday life. Iron is a strong material that is light and resistant to damage, hence the appeal. Iron plinths are popular in the event industry because their prices range from $220-$440. Unfortunately, because the plinths are made from a thin iron, they are likely to receive ‘dents’. The powder-coated paint can wear off without much effort. From previous experience when we used to stock these, we had a return rate of 50% even when sent in a crate, as they were prone to damage. We advise against buying these plinths if you want to achieve a ‘perfect look’.



MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is also a popular material among prop makers in Australia. MDF quality can vary. MDF is popular because of its flexibility and its cost-efficiency. Drawbacks to using MDF include the heaviness of the material and its ability to warp and swell in some environments. Its impact resistance is lower than that of plywood.


Good Quality Materials

Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is a material made from a combination of elements such as carbon, titanium, nitrogenaluminumsiliconsulfurnickelcopperseleniumniobium, and molybdenum. The combination of these materials results in a metal that is highly scratch and rust-resistant. Stainless steel is normally used in gold-plated backdrops. These backdrops are easy to identify because of their ‘perfect finish’ and scratch-free surface. The cost of stainless steel normally runs 100% higher than that of other iron metals. Our Gold Plinths are stainless steel.


Acrylic is a type of plastic known for its brilliance. The material is as perfect as their come in terms of its visual appeal. It’s glossy and reflects the light perfectly.  When the colour acrylic has a scratch, the damage is not obvious. This is because the colour is throughout the material. Acrylic has shine other materials lack which adds to the appeal of the item. The downside of acrylic is that it can be fragile and is broken easily. We send our Acrylic Plinths in a heavy-duty timber case, which adds significantly to the cost of transport. This way the Luxe Wedding Décor can ensure it doesn’t break transport in and if it does, we will cover you.

Luxe Wedding Décor reflects carefully on the materials it purchases overseas. We have a variety of quality products for different needs. Our budget products are made from iron and catered to those who are starting their business. Items are made from Acrylic and Stainless steel might be better for high-use items and established business owners who have a higher budget. If you have any more questions regarding this, please email or phone us. Thank you